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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My Zine ... for Cinema Treasures fans!

This is my 16 page digest cut'n'paste zine (on REAL paper) is filled with ads and junk from 1966 through 1976. This includes lots of local Long Island ads (movie theaters, department stores, restaurants, amusements and other long lost points of culture). If you would like a sample copy please e-mail me!

Died in the Summer of 1985.........

......The Commack Drive In Theater. Dario Argento's "Creepers" was the last feature shown. I'm glad, at least, it was a horror movie (and not something like "Back to the Future"). One of my friends was there on the last night, and till this day, I'm still jealous! This is a composite photo, and I truly apologize for the bad movie on the marquee! ("Creepers" turns up in "dollar" DVD bins, and if have not seen it, the ending is friggin' hilarious! ) *CLICK TO ENLARGE PICTURE*
---------------------------- There was a Pergaments parking lot right behind the Commack Drive In, and at one point (with CinemaRadio) you could almost park there for FREE, watch the screen and barely tune-in the sound on your car radio!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

1971 / 1964 Long Island Movie Theaters !

Copiague Drive In Ad from 1964.

"Willard" ad from 1971, when it was the most talked about movie in town!
(However, I wish I could have seen it at the Route 110 Drive In )!


Thursday, June 07, 2007

Century's 110 Drive In Flea Market 1972 !

For all my cinema soul-mates on Cinema Treasures. Com: The closest we can come to seeing photos of the Route 110 Drive In Theater (that closed in 1977?) Although it's seen through the flea market..... (from the Newsday color magazine section, July 1972!). Here is what the Huntington Route 110 Drive In did on it's days off. Every Sunday was one of the biggest and most spectacular flea markets Long Island has ever seen--mostly OLD stuff (unlike the 1980's incarnation of flea markets with discount packages of blank VHS cassettes and tube sox and cheap electronics).
People would begin lining up while it was still dark out for the miles and miles of bargains! **If you look at the picture of the woman holding the hand made belt, you can see, I think, the snack bar way way behind her! **It was typical to see hippies selling hand made candles , belts and such. Most were regular folks cleaning out their attics and basements. **Also note: this was 1972, so most of the junk for sale had to be from the 1940's, 1950's and 1960's! I used to get so much cool stuff there as a kid, mainly model kits and old Mad and Monster magazines. Does anyone know when the Route 110 Drive In stopped having the flea market? I do not think it lasted past 1974? The Sunrise and Copaigue Drive Ins lasted longer--into the late 1970's. Also, does anyone know if there were homes behind the Route 110
Drive-in ?