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Friday, March 30, 2007

Thrift Score, March 29, 2007

Today's "score" was practical with no real surprises (ugh-again). I got : 1) a vintage Danish modern 1960's bar-b-que set. Probably become a gift for somebody with bar-b-que season upon us. 2) a Home Depot hat (this will really make me look like I know what I'm doing for my next trip to Home Depot). 3) a (hopefully) man's leather belt with removable buckle. They do not make these anymore! I have vintage belt buckles waiting in the wings because all the modern leather belts are riveted in place and cannot be opened. I found this in the Ladies Belt & Accessory section, but it's marked "size 40" and I don't think Ladies Belt sizes run the same as men's.....I could be wrong and this could be my first foray into cross-dressing! 4) a volume of a Time/Life book series on Collectibles. Nice color pix of vintage advertising posters and such inside. Great for art reference and fun to look at. 5) a very nice antique picture frame. Ornate tin design with a die-punched flower/leaf pattern. I just listed this on E-Bay today. Hopefully, I will get $12.99, and that will pay for today haul; which was a grand total of $10.21! Garage Sale Season is almost open as well. This hurts and helps the Thrifts; on one hand, people are cleaning out attics and basements (which is good). They have their garage sales (which is also good), but they usually haul the remains of what did NOT sell to the thrifts (which is BAD). What commonly doesn't sell at garage sales? Let's see......Dirty and used plush animals (always over-sized Easter Bunnies!) , baby clothes, those big plastic "sports" bottles with the built in straws, crappy wicker baskets, used exercise gear ( think "the Step", Thigh Master, grip and pull things, etc.), sets of encyclopedias, used magazines from the past 5 years (usually crafts and knitting magazines, Woman's Day, Ladies Home Journal, Martha Stewart Living, etc.), broken fish tanks, cassette tapes (New Kids on the Block, In-Sync, Rod Stewart, C & C Music Factory, new age relaxation music, etc.)
A look for an annoying new wave of garage sale and thrift fodder: THE V.H.S. TAPE! Now that DVD's are the norm , old VHS tapes are piling up. Sure, titles like "Indiana Jones", "James Bond" and "E.T." will sell to somebody out there, but what about dreaded subjects like these: Olsen Twins movies, instructional tapes ( for The Step or Thigh Master), Travel and Cruise promotional videos, cut rat cartoons (like Woody Woodpecker or Casper ), bad music videos (Kathie Lee Gifford's Christmas, In- Sync, New Kids on the Block, Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton Christmas, etc.). These will do especially well when placed on the front lawn , on a blanket, under the hot sun at the garage sales! Good Luck........

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Obscure Movie Review: Daddy's Gone A-Hunting (1969)

What do you get when you have a movie made by the director of the original “Valley of the Dolls”, with a story by the guy who wrote and directed “It’s Alive” and a screenplay by the guy who wrote episodes of TV’s “Batman” show? Well, you get this: “Daddy’s Gone A-Hunting” (1969). A psycho-campy thriller, that is way ahead of it’s time. The simple plot is begging to be remade; a woman meets a nice guy--who turns out to be a psychotic loser. At the time she decides to dump him, she discovers she’s pregnant. Behind his back she comfortably has an abortion--and daddy finds this out the same week she dumps him. In cinematic break-neck speed, our heroine meets and marries a nice new guy, while the old loser hovers in the background…..

She becomes pregnant again, with the new guy--and the psycho finds out. His plot: to get her to kill the newborn, eye-for-an-eye style! The plot moves along briskly, with some nice twists, leading to a pretty tense “Hitchcockian” climax--that is very satisfying. The title song (with lyrics) is hilarious! This was a major Hollywood studio release and I have no idea how it got so buried?

This movie in not yet on DVD, to view it you must find an old store worn rental VHS copy.