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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thrift Score, Feb. 27, 2008

Another willy-nilly assortment of fun; 1) a vintage 1960's , 10 " plastic Jesus. I was raised in a non-religious home (Whew!) but I saw this figurine for .50 cents and I could not resist. The quality of the hollow plastic (that's supposed to simulate polished wood or marble?) is outstanding. Really high quality plastic that you don't see today. Maybe a gift for somebody, someday....2) a pair of fingerless (weight?) lifting gloves. Nice quality tan leather too. Probably cost $25.00 new. If you are reading this and going "Yuk!" and picturing hours of sweaty gripping still inside; don't fret. I will soak them overnight in bath of hot soapy water, rubbing alcohol and lemon juice to make them fresh n' clean. 3) an 11" fake parrot with no eyes. Symbolic and sad? Yes. Fixable? Again, Yes ( I have some tiny fake plastic eyes, somewhere). Real parrots , although entertaining & cute as all hell, are pretty expensive. 4) a small clear plastic holder/bin . I never have enough of these, ever! Now my Q-Tips won't spill all over the place. 5) Large blue bath towel. I cut them up and use them for cleaning rags. I hate using disposables like paper towels and Handi-Wipes for cleaning a kitchen or bathroom floor. Now I'm recycling, saving a Hand-Wipe tree and .....oh crap, now obligated to clean my bathroom floor. 7) last but not least , an 18 x 20" cork bulletin board. I never have enough of these, and would never pay full retail price ($10, 11, 12 ?) in stores. These are a yard sale and thrift store perinnial. TOTAL COST : Under $5.00 ! (I think the lady at the register make a mistake........)


At 10:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You always make me laugh out loud! Love the towel idea - recycling AND keeping paper towel waste down! What made me laugh the most was the parrot...I too "inherited" one with no eyes. What are the chances of that?? Tell yours he has a cousin in the big city! I feel badly, because instead of rehabilitating my parrot as you are doing for yours (corneal transplants), I instead turned mine over to my cats. He hangs upside down from a "perch" and the cats swat at him when in the mood!

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