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Friday, May 11, 2007

Two Defunt Movie Theaters; Commack L.I.

Two shots of the Commack RKO Twin Theatre. Gone by the late 1980's.
In picture #1 on your left, you can see a small white rectangle on the right side (with a red car below it). That was the screen of the Commack Drive-In (also GONE).
Movies I have seen at the RKO Twin: Monty Python's Life of Brian, King Kong (1976), When A Stranger Calls, Angel Heart, Spinal Tap, Taste the Blood of Dracula, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, King Kong memory of the RKO Twin: seeing John Water's Polyester in 1981 with the Odorama scratch n' sniff cards. When the movie was over everyone just dropped the cards on the floor (so we were like " GRAB 'EM !"). As for the COMMACK DRIVE-IN: I have a titanic history with this place:
My first memory of seeing a movie there was "Beneath The Planet of the Apes" (1970). My second other memorable film viewing there was : "Frogs" (1972), which I loved, and later in junior high school, a good friend of mine, moved from East Northport to an apartment (with his family) in Commack. Guess what their back windows faced? The friggin' Commack Drive-In ! So, all through the Spring/ Summer season, we would sit on the couch, looking out the window at movies like: "Death Race 2000", "The Grove Tube" and "Flesh Gordon" --- ALL RATED "R" and we were too young to see "R" movies on our own. Sure there was no sound, but you saw blood & guts & nudity! We could even time the parts of the movies we wanted to see over and over : "At 9:23 a head gets cut off" or "At 10:12 a woman's shirt gets ripped off". Lots of fun, all for FREE! Later in high school, I went there with my first ever girlfriend and saw "The Swarm", but I saw my *ALL TIME FAVORITE MOVIE* there in Spring 1979: "Dawn of the Dead"! That was the "horror summer" with "Phantasm", "Alien", "Night Wing", and "Prophecy" all being out at the same time. ("Phantasm" especially stood out in my mind as well--and played at the Larkfield theatre too!). The Commack Drive-In's last summer was 1986, last film, Dario Argento's "Creepers". I was very jealous as one of my best friends was actually there on that night and I chose to stay home! As the drive in shut down and decayed over the next 10 years, I documented it all the way with photos and yearly visits. slowly it just became a dumping ground (tires, etc.), the weeds grew like corn stalks, and even once I witnessed the (closed) snackbar on fire (set by vandals) ! I still have a piece of the plastic marquee sign from there as well. There was no great fanfare to the Commack Drive-In closing, but the Westbury Drive-in stole the show as far as it's closing went, with protests , petitions and news media. *NOTE* I still need a photo of the Huntington ROUTE 110 Drive -in (closed in 1976/77?) . Never saw one anywhere, even online. The Route 110 marquee sign (it was huge) stayed up for YEARS after closing though.


At 6:50 AM, Anonymous PeteLI said...

I saw a few movies at the RKO twin. "Coccoon" was one. And I remember going there with my sister to see "Absence of Malice" starring Paul Newman and Sally Field. We both hated it.

The Commack Multiplex was the demise of that theater also.

I enjoyed your commack drive-in stories, especially the view from the apartments! The only movie I remember seeing at that drive-in was "Annie Hall" ! which my parents took us to for some god-knows-why reason in like 1975. Total boredom.

I also remember accidentally catching the scary scene from "Alien" on that drive-in screen, which sort of faced the road. Usually drive-in theater screens face away from the road to prevent stolen screenings, but not this one!

I may have a lousy picture of the overgrown Route 110 drive-in, circa 1984. I don't think the marquee is in the photo. The marqee for the closed Walt Whitman Mall theater is still right next to Route 110. I think that theater played "ET" for, not kidding a year in 1982-1983. It was a big joke as we would drive by the marquee and see that it was still playing. I still think of ET every time I drive by that marquee.

At 3:00 PM, Blogger artaugogo said...

"Annie Hall" is from 1977, not 1975 and yes, a BAD drive-in movie choice (to SHOW and to take teenagers too!).

At 8:35 AM, Blogger Ron said...

Actually, I heard that the reason for the closing of the Commack Twin was asbestos and NOT the Multiplex. I loved the Commack Twin. I saw "Star Wars" there and, in fact, on May 25th of this year, I went to the Hollywood Video that stands on the same spot as the Twin and rented "Star Wars," 30 years to the day that it opened.

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Not sure how old this site is- but I had to post. I lived in Commack until June of 1979. We then moved out of state. The apartment we lived in faced the Drive In, Modells to our left. This was the spring that Dawn of the Dead was showing. I was 10. My window faced the drive in. Needless to say, I spent that spring totally freaked out. I made the mistake of looking out my window during the run- even with no sound it blew my mind. After watching the entire movie with no sound, I was to freaked out to sleep. I do not think I went to sleep for the rest of the season. I actually taped the shade to the window so it would not accidenlty pop up and show me the movie. This is still one of my best memories.

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